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Greetings and welcome to the American Creativity Academy,
More than twenty years ago ACA was launched as an opportunity for excellent students to discover individual success as they pursue their interests. Each student learns at ACA while combining an American curriculum with Islamic values education. With this model, ACA teachers understand well that actual student classroom education must be combined with morals and values education to truly promote students of excellence. Today, we are proud of our hundreds of graduates each year who represent not only ACA, but also represent the best of their generation of future leaders from across Kuwait and the Middle East. 
Over these two decades ACA has become a Legacy School where third-generation families send their children as they believe in the outcomes which ACA accomplishes. In partnership with parents who support each child’s learning at home, we believe our methods and way of teaching in a technology-rich environment help grow greatness in our students.  Additionally, we maintain highly-connected teacher-to-student relationships hiring more than 95% of our core teachers as native English speakers with the majority coming from America and Canada.
Success does not come at a low-cost however. Our great teachers at ACA work hard to hold their great students accountable every day to learn, every day to pursue excellence, and our teachers challenge students to think creatively about solutions to problems. Each year we receive nearly 5000 students into our classrooms with the hope and belief that all students can be successful.
As we look towards our next 20 years, I believe the best is yet to come for the next chapter of our ACA legacy. We are excited for our future in teaching the next generation of children and the opportunities of tomorrow’s bright future!
All the best to our past, present, and future students, you truly show us what “excellence in education” really looks like!
Sincerely Yours, 
Dr. Mathew F. Neal
Superintendent of Schools
American Creativity Academy

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