Welcome to the Kindergarten at the American Creativity Academy, affectionately known as the KG, full of activity, learning, and fun!

The teachers and administrators are all ready to encourage your child through the KG program, while working to foster independence, community and citizenship skills, social-emotional development, and learning through exploration.

The ACA KG offers a standards-based American curriculum, aligned with pre-designed lessons and activities. The concept skills presented are: English-language development, with reading, writing and oral skills, math, science and social studies. We also include art, technology, library, physical education, health and safety, with Arabic-language and Islamic instruction, all facilitated in a hands-on and student participative approach.

Our primary focus is to provide child-centered activities, presented through age-appropriate and developmentally sound approaches and differentiated instructional lessons and activities.

At ACA, we maintain open communication between parents, students, and the faculty, and by doing so, show your child that we are a community of students-parents-teachers, while promoting a sense of belonging to our school.

KG Program:

The Kindergarten Program at the ACA is one of the largest in Kuwait - 25 classes with approximately 70 educators and staff members. The three levels of instruction are: Pre-KG, KG 1, and KG 2. ACA provides the foundation for social and academic learning for students between the ages of 3 and 6 years old.

ACA follows an American curriculum, as taught by a mainly North American staff that teaches to the highest academic standards attending to the social needs of young children. The KG provides a quality early childhood program that includes comprehensive learning experiences in a planned environment. We work closely with parents to ensure that the children’s school time can be reinforced at home. Our kindergarten offers an environment that employs appropriate practices to meet the early developmental needs of children in a consistent and secure setting. 

Our program focuses on the needs of the whole child: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and familial. Activities and routines are based on sound educational practices and are built on children’s natural curiosity and problem-solving abilities. Children participate in many play and language activities and have opportunities to work and play in small and large groups as well as individually. Our child-centered approach reflects an understanding of the needs of children in a complex society.


Our Pre-KG program is designed for three and four year olds whose third birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. Pre-KG is usually a child’s first school experience, so a positive first year sets the stage for future dispositions towards learning. The focus in Pre-KG is on social skills development, self-help, and language development. Academic skills such as the concepts of counting, recognition of colors and shapes, and basic use of the computer are introduced. Children are exposed to a variety of pre-reading activities in fun, age- and developmentally-appropriate methods. The Pre-KG program runs from 7:15am - 12:30pm daily.

KG 1

Our KG 1 program is designed for four and five year olds whose fourth birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. KG 1 is still a transition year from home to school, and is the first school experience for children who have not previously attended Pre-KG. In KG 1 children are exposed to hands-on, fun, and age-appropriate concepts and skills that will be built-upon in the KG 2 program. Our expectation is that your child has developed some English-language and is able to communicate simple needs.

KG 1 continues to focus on the development of social skills, self-help, and further English and Arabic language development. Pre-reading and pre-writing concepts include recognition of numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, as well as the correct use of classroom tools such as the pencil, scissors, and glue stick. Name recognition and handwriting are introduced. Students learn to love and take care of books. Notions of science are presented through hands-on activities exploring concepts of the five senses, seasons, plants, space, water and matter. Social studies activities include the concepts of global citizenship, a community, and recognizing Kuwait on a large map. The KG 1 program runs from 7:15am -12:30pm daily

KG 2

KG 2 is the equivalent of a kindergarten program in the United States. KG 2 is designed for five and six-year olds whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 31st of the academic year. The KG 2 curriculum continues to focus on oral language, listening, and social skills, while offering more structured approaches to academic concepts in preparation for grade 1. Children learn to recognize all upper and lower-case letters, initial consonant sounds, and long and short vowel sounds. Handwriting is continued and expanded upon. Children at this age are encouraged to be self-reliant and independent in the classroom. The expectation of the students attending the KG 2 program is a reasonably developed level of English-language proficiency, including oral, reading and writing skills, and fairly comfortable communication. The KG 2 is a full-day program.

The ACA KG program delivers a fully-aligned, standards-based curriculum, adopted and adapted from the early childhood education curriculum standards of the USA.